Why Purchasing Refurbished IT Hardware Can Be Good for Business

Why Purchasing Refurbished IT Hardware Can Be Good for Business

There are many ways to run a successful company and still save money. In fact, many companies are realizing that purchasing refurbished IT hardware such as computers, servers and other necessary parts can save money and help the environment at the same time. Some companies, however, may associate the word “refurbished” with a negative connotation, assuming that items in this category are not only used, but are also out of date, mistreated and

partially broken.

Refurbished Can Be Better Than New

Today’s refurbished IT hardware, when understood correctly, is none of those things. In fact, most has been inspected for full functionality, cleaned and repaired if needed and upgraded to current specifications and software needs. Assuming that refurbished hardware has been used regularly for a few years is also incorrect. Many of these items have been used on short-term lease projects, in asset recovery or are returns from customers who decided not to keep the products. By thoroughly checking out the products, companies can offer these refurbished items at only a fraction of the cost when compared to brand new technology.

Refurbished IT Hardware can Help Companies Advertise Environmental Friendliness

Many customers today look closely at a company’s overall eco-friendly values before deciding to make a purchase or get involved in a business relationship. Companies that choose to invest in refurbished IT hardware are able to advertise that they are doing their part in helping to save the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling.

And while it looks good on paper and sounds good in advertising, the truth is that we all understand how crowded our landfills are becoming along with the need to leave less of a footprint on our planet. Investing in refurbished IT just makes sense. One recent survey estimated that of the energy that will be consumed by a computer, 70% of that energy goes to the initial manufacturing process. This means that instead of working to reduce the amount of power that computers use, it would be of more benefit to save energy by producing fewer new computers.

Making Sense of The Terminology

Admittedly, there may be some confusion to businesses who are working to make sense of certified refurbished IT hardware and used hardware.  The simplest explanation involves what, exactly, has been done to the product before it is sold to another company.

A used product or component is typically marked “used” or “as is” denoting that they have only had basic testing done and have not been upgraded at all. Used IT hardware may be too outdated to work on a current system and is typically not under any type of warranty. While these type of items might cost much less than refurbished certified items, the technology may not be able to keep up with current demands.

Products that are deemed certified refurbished, on the other hand, must be strictly evaluated by a third party (not by the manufacturer.) After testing, these pieces of hardware are then tested, cleaned and upgraded. Many certified refurbished IT hardware items come with some kind of warranty.

Refurbished IT Hardware You Can Trust

Purchasing refurbished IT hardware from a company that you can trust is one way to truly benefit from lower prices while knowing the equipment will up to any task your company needs it to perform. Some companies, such as BBC Technology Solutions also offer certifications on their refurbished computers, software imaging and licensing and onsite inventory programs for companies that need emergency equipment. Take some time to visit our website and find out how to take a test drive before you commit to a purchase. Let us help you benefit from all aspects of refurbished IT Technology.

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