The Reality Behind Virtual Reality

The Reality Behind Virtual Reality

From smartphone-based virtual reality (VR), viewers to the highest-end flight simulators and medical imaging applications, AMD  (Advanced Micro Devices) builds the graphics processing units (GPUs) with the power, speed and capacity that make today’s and tomorrow’s virtual reality possible. AMD designs and integrates technology that powers millions of intelligent devices including personal computers, game consoles and cloud servers that define the new era of surround computing. 

AMD formed the Radeon Technologies Group in 2015 to strengthen its focus on graphics and immersive computing, including VR and augmented reality (AR).

"We are entering an age of immersive computing where we will be surrounded by billions of brilliant pixels that enhance our daily lives in ways we have yet to fully comprehend," said Dr. Lisa Lu, president and CEO of AMD, announcing the Radeon group.

"AMD is one of the few companies with the engineering talent and intellectual property to make emerging immersive computing opportunities a reality," says Raja Koduri, who heads the Radeon Technologies Group. "Now we have a dedicated team focused on growing our business as we create a unique environment for the best and brightest minds in graphics to be a part of the team re-defining the industry."

GPUs from the Radeon PRO product line have found application in many areas. AMD has always played a leading role in Computer Aided Design (CAD) applications and Radeon

has strengthened that position. Geographically dispersed engineering teams can simultaneously view and manipulate virtual components, greatly reducing both time to market and the introduction of errors due to miscommunication. 

More recently, Radeon PRO GPUs are being used by cloud computing services at Amazon, Google and Alibaba to host cloud-based gaming where multi-user games are played over the internet from servers that present each virtual game’s players their own instance and environment. 

In the retail area, Radeon PRO GPUs enable applications that allow users to customize the colors and options on the image of your next vehicle, then rotate it 360 degrees on any plane and take it for a test drive, all while sitting in the automobile dealership. Computer generated signage lets merchants change offerings in real time in targeted locations or enterprise wide. Radeon powers the game segment including Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Play Stations. 

Radeon’s technology is the tip of the spear in pursuit of the highest-end graphic processing in areas such as automated vehicles, national and international military applications, medical research and clinical applications and flight simulation.

Careers at AMD,  Radeon Technologies Group and other divisions offer technologists with the right stuff an opportunity to see and to build the future.

AMD is located at 7512 Polo Springs Court, Fairfield, OH 45014. You can reach the enterprise business development manager, Dan Vitale, at 513.484.9000 or visit their website at

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