Staying Ahead of the Innovation Curve by Building Consistency & Trust

Staying Ahead of the Innovation Curve by Building Consistency & Trust

With an ever-growing number of customers and clients seeking expert solutions in an evolving market, Trace3 takes full advantage of their engineering talent and solution-based architecture to create and build relationships with customers that most IT service management companies in Kentucky don’t offer. Trace3’s innovation and research is a competitive differentiator that drives consistency and agility to offer customizable solutions and high-value relationships to their 250+ customers.

“We have our own research group that is looking at a different type of solution set,” says Troy Watson, sales director. “We’re looking at emerging technologies that may be in some phase of their early development. Our customers are trying to solve problems, and they’re not even accessing that potential pool of solutions to consider.”

Some of their customers have what Watson refers to as “unsolvable challenges,” and the research group will seek to understand every aspect of those issues and figure out the best possible solutions. With one particular circumstance involving a large software application unable to the handle the growing amount of data, the business had to cut down on revenue generating development activities and focus on maintenance, which proved to be costly.

“Using the research team, we were able to curate and identify three possible solutions that they had not identified before,” Watson says. We were able to put two of those into a POC with them that is going on currently that is showing that it can solve this problem and ultimately get those developers back on revenue-generating activities.”

But it’s not just the extensive research and solution engineering that makes Trace3 a more agile competitor. Trace3 boasts a national-based delivery operation that allows consistency in the product they deliver, regardless of location. A key differentiator, according to Bill Gray, strategic director of architecture, is that Trace3 maintenance services are located in-house. “We don’t offshore any of those services. And we’re delivering solutions based off of what we see the customer’s business requirements are and what kind of outcomes they’re looking for. It’s a seamless handoff from the presales teams, who are defining and designing the solution, to maintenance services who support [the solution] in an ongoing manner.”

With over 15 years of experience, Trace3 has been able to leverage the engineering talent they have to create customizable solutions to individual industry standards that allows them to separate themselves from their competition. “There’s not a lot that our engineering talents here haven’t seen,” according to Sales Director Matthew Carson. Much of the competitive advantage that the engineering team has to offer is complemented by the fact that Trace3 is pulling innovative solutions from the West Coast, where innovation is being chased at a faster pace. “It’s put us at the forefront and now we can be the leading edge in terms of providing that information to our customer base nationwide,” says Carson.

Trace3 Louisville is located at 950 Breckenridge Lane, #140, Louisville, KY 40207. 

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