Rick Hensley, CIO and VP at Messer Construction

Rick Hensley, CIO and VP at Messer Construction


“We provide national builders expertise on a regional basis. We live and work in our communities; we don’t import project teams and then leave. We are very involved in the community and we want to continue to be a significant partner to all our communities. If the communities we are in are thriving, then building will thrive.”

Do you view business as a customer or a partner of IT?

“I view the business as a partner, almost as a colleague in fact, and IT as their customer. We try to build a colleague-type relationship with the people in the business to help make sure that they are fully involved and their ideas are being brought forth. We do something we call ‘portfolio management’ meetings every week in which they drive most of the discussions. They tell IT what they need and we help them prioritize. We are constantly reaching out to them about opportunities to help them solve problems, whether it be something we develop in-house, an app or a cloud solution.”

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