Strategic Partnerships

Key to Company's and Client's Growth
Strategic Partnerships

As an international provider of IT solutions for its diverse family of clients across numerous  industries, ITCube remains steadfast in its promise to serve their customers as a strategic partner, not a product peddler. The company’s consistency in working with its clients as a trusted collaborator has resulted in significant expansion and growth for all.

"Not only is being our clients’ partner so important to us, we also believe in like-minded enthusiasts and individuals working together to achieve the common goal of success. That’s how a nice and durable fabric of intelligent solutions is woven," says Anil Rajadhyaksha, CEO of ITCube’s marketing office in Blue Ash, Ohio.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, as well as being ISO-9001 and ISO-27001 certified, ITCube is recognized internationally for maintaining and managing the strictest standards in customer satisfaction. ITCube consistently brings uncompromising commitment and the highest levels of efficiency and accuracy to its partnership table.

Current technology and outsourcing make it possible for ITCube to act as their worldwide clients’ helpful neighbor, no matter the location, Rajadhyaksha notes. But consistently meeting their customers’ needs can only be sustained long-term by knowing everything there is to know about each client and understanding what is integral to their growth and success.

ITCube’s dedication to developing intelligent business solutions combined with the company’s belief in investing the time necessary to maintain ongoing, open communication with clients, is key to surpassing client expectations, Rajadhyaksha adds.

Just ask Tony Bazurto , EVP for Compex Legal Services in Los Angeles .

"We’ve worked with ITCube on 20 or more web-based projects. One of the big projects was the creation of legal documents. We do business in many states, and every state’s subpoenas are different. In a state like Louisiana, every county also has different legal documents. We had to create the templates, and then ensure those templates will merge with the information we’re putting into our system.

"They also developed an interface for a licensed routing software we use," he continues. "In California, we have 45 agents going around the state serving documents and copying records. They get their work on a handheld device through this software. Once they do that work and update the app, it then transfers to our system. ITCube built the interface between the app and our system."

Insightful analysis, dependable leadership, transparency and on-time installation are other aspects of  ITCube’s customer-as-partner approach that have garnered accolades from clients since the company first began as a core group working with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in 2003. Today, with over 600 employees at their headquarters in India, ITCube continues to leverage their proven strategic partner approach and technological expertise to build their share of the global market one IT solution at a time.

"There are no cookie cutter solutions," Rajadhyaksha says.

ITCube/Cubeworks is located at 10999 Reed Hartman Highway, Suite 134, Cincinnati, OH 45242. For more information, call 614.484.0771 or 800.558.8709 Please visit or

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