IT Leadership Spotlight - Steve Feller, President, Optimum Solutions Force, LLC

IT Leadership Spotlight - Steve Feller, President, Optimum Solutions Force, LLC

Technology changes faster than the blink of an eye. Greater Cincinnati is home to some of the best and brightest IT professionals who not only keep up with the never-ending changes in the field, but also help create them.

LEAD Magazine celebrates those who use IT to positively impact the world around us in every field, from medical technology to business efficiency, customer service and a variety of other systems.

Great organizations realize that interlacing innovation and practical solutions takes more than business acumen and technical expertise. It takes personal relationships where innovation and practical solutions can collaborate. Today’s leaders devote much time finding the right personnel for their organizations while discovering precise knowledge and skills. IT professionals are leading the way beyond the simple transaction of goods and services between business executives and "computer techs," replacing that model with relationships powered by trust and driven by strategic insight.

Historically, Greater Cincinnati’s hardworking and humble IT professionals have kept their boasting to a minimum, despite having nurtured innovation and implemented the best technology in significant ways. Now, however, it’s time to honor those achievements for the rest of the world to see and hear. It’s time for the era of the IT executive.

Steve Feller

President, Optimum Solutions Force, LLC

What is your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge is matching the demands on organizations with the opportunities available to them in the digital world. Choosing the right tool has been as much fun as picking the right drill bit out of the ones available in the toolbox. Tools like AGILE have been a good IT programming tool but learning to use it for operational technology is different. I have had some struggles and successes using AGILE techniques to manage these challenges.

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