VIDEO | nvisia VP: I’m Focused on Taking Organizations From Cloud-Enabled to Cloud Native DevOps

VIDEO | nvisia VP: I’m Focused on Taking Organizations From Cloud-Enabled to Cloud Native DevOps

(US and Canada) Mark Panthofer, Vice President at nvisia, speaks with Maribeth Achterberg, VP of Solution Delivery at Molson Coors Beverage Company, in a video interview about the challenges of transitioning to a cloud-native DevOps model and the importance of platform engineering and data considerations for successful implementation.

Panthofer started with nvisia in 1996. He took a seven-year break and worked for venture capital companies and smaller IT firms. Having first encountered DevOps in 2010, he has continued to learn more about it via Docker and Kubernetes. Additionally, he authored a book, “Mastering Docker Enterprise Edition.” Panthofer adds he has focused on helping organizations transition from cloud-enabled to cloud-native DevOps over the last few years.

According to Panthofer, organizations' biggest challenge is transitioning from a centralized resource and function model to a more decentralized, independently deployable one. He emphasizes the importance of platform engineering, where a group is accountable for implementing specifications as code from various constituents such as cloud ops, security teams, and network engineering.

Panthofer notes that data engineering and compliance are essential constituents as organizations become more cloud-native. He also discusses how it is becoming increasingly necessary for technical individuals to be fluent in data. Panthofer emphasizes that it is about accessing the data, monitoring it, and understanding its flow.

He concludes by explaining that platforms and applications should be instrumented to monitor the health of the systems and data.

CDO Magazine thanks Mark Panthofer for sharing his insights and data success stories with our global community.

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