VIDEO | Ratio Therapeutics CDO: Part of Our Data Team’s Role Is Being an Ambassador

VIDEO | Ratio Therapeutics CDO: Part of Our Data Team’s Role Is Being an Ambassador

(US and Canada) Jacob Hesterman, Ratio Therapeutics Chief Data Officer, speaks with Kiran Kanetkar, Pendulum Therapeutics VP of Data and Analytics and CDO Magazine Global Editorial Board Member, in a video interview about the importance of data and analytics in modern drug discovery research, handling data literacy and self-service, and balancing the need for buying and building tools.

According to Hesterman, immediate returns on data and analytics include improved quality control and automated data transformation for efficiency. In the longer run, they can build up and enable predictive analytics and develop new items based on the mature data.

He elaborates that apart from data management and structuring, other analytics applications specific to the industry include targeted radiotherapy, understanding optimized dosing, and new therapies’ safety and toxicity profiles.

Regarding the best approach to managing data literacy and self-service, Hesterman says that while a combination of tools is available, part of the data team’s role is serving as an ambassador. They must understand the tools, concerns, and other considerations and then figure out how to communicate that information internally in a way that ties to the company's mission.

He adds that it is a common good for everyone to understand how data transformation, privacy, and protection impact the organization and help them do their jobs well.

Regarding external data usage, Hesterman says it comes down to having the correct consent and the tools for removing PHI and anonymized data, storing it in a quarantine zone, and reviewing it to ensure complete removal. The next step is internally providing the appropriate access controls and communicating with larger teams about usage and access. He adds that federated learning methods may eliminate the need for external data sharing.

Hesterman emphasizes that organizations must balance evaluating available tools, developing their own tools, and recognizing when a tool is sufficient.

CDO Magazine appreciates Jacob Hesterman for sharing his insights and data success stories with our global community.

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