VIDEO | Federal Compass CEO: We Try To Add Value to Our Customers From Day One

VIDEO | Federal Compass CEO: We Try To Add Value to Our Customers From Day One

(US and Canada) Chad Ganske, Co-founder, President and CEO at Federal Compass, speaks with Andy Park, Co-founder and Vice President of Team Central, in a video interview about Federal Compass’ business, its target audience, differentiation, and key propositions as a solution.

In addition to powering business development for federal contractors, Federal Compass provides marketing intelligence to help them understand the opportunity pipeline. As a founder, Ganske comes from an engineering background and has always envisioned beginning a software business.

A couple of key factors that contributed to Ganske’s success? In-depth industry knowledge regarding the federal market and building a suite of tools focused on empowering federal contractors. He also mentions work ethic, perseverance, and time developing the go-to-market strategy. Ganske notes that building a highly skilled remote team during the pandemic also contributed to the success.

He cites initial funding-related challenges, a pandemic, and setting up a remote work process and infrastructure as hurdles.

When asked about Federal Compass’ primary competitive advantage, he says that it is the people, along with the depth, breadth, and quality of the data offering. In terms of customer engagement, Ganske says that the company puts in a lot of effort at the beginning of a client engagement to understand customer needs, onboard them, and train them on the software. He elaborates that the goal is to add value to customers from day one while configuring the platform to their specific needs.

Another key differentiator he mentions is personalization. Each federal contractor uses the system differently and sees different data based on what they do.

Ganske defines Federal Compass as a next-generation solution and urges businesses to be open to changing the tools and software they have been using and exploring alternatives. The software solution they have used for the last 20 years may not be the best moving forward, he concludes.

CDO Magazine appreciates Chad Ganske for sharing his insights and data success stories with our global community.

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