VIDEO | ElectrifAi CEO: We Help the C-Suite Tune Their Organizations

VIDEO | ElectrifAi CEO: We Help the C-Suite Tune Their Organizations

(US and Canada) Ed Scott, CEO, ElectrifAi, speaks with Mark Johnson, Fusion Alliance Regional VP and Editorial Board Chair, CDO Magazine, in a video interview about ElectrifAi’s application, diverse use cases, and target audience.

Scott defines ElectrifAi as a pre-built machine learning software firm that serves major banks, retailers, telcos, and manufacturers globally. The containerized machine learning solution is API accessible and can sit in any cloud, platform, or on any premise. It can be deployed in four to six weeks to drive economic and business outcomes.

Regarding the global key challenge across organizations, Scott says the C-suite could be more comfortable and well-versed with data. They need to know how to unlock the value of data without spending tens of millions of dollars.

He further mentions that ElectrifAi is applicable in areas like supply chain, network optimization, inventory optimization, demand forecasting, and dynamic pricing. In the case of a restaurant partner, it uses machine learning to optimize routes and loads to specific restaurants and reduce freight and logistics costs.

Concluding, Scott says that consequential AI helps executives look at anomalies and avoid them. Similarly, dynamic pricing enables enterprises to assess and change prices in real-time as per business conditions or objectives.

CDO Magazine appreciates Ed Scott for sharing his insights and data success stories with our global community.

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