Humanising Autonomy's Behaviour AI Brings Pioneering ADAS Perception to Nextbase iQ Dashcams to Advance Road Safety

Humanising Autonomy's Behaviour AI Brings Pioneering ADAS Perception to Nextbase iQ Dashcams to Advance Road Safety

(US and Canada) Recklessness, distraction, and driver or pedestrian error are consistently listed among the top causes of fatal and near-fatal road accidents in the UK. Failing to look properly is the most frequently reported road accident factor, contributing to a third of all incidents. Misjudging a VRU's path or speed is followed closely, accounting for 20 percent of reported accidents.

Dashcams are an easy and insurance-friendly way to improve driver awareness and accident prevention. However, frequent false alarms can do more harm than good, leading to driver distraction and irritation. It is a missed opportunity to support drivers in making roads safer.

British AI company Humanising Autonomy has partnered with Nextbase, the world's leading dashcam manufacturer, to provide state-of-the-art ADAS perception to the Nextbase iQ product line. Enhanced by Humanising Autonomy's innovative Behaviour AI Platform, iQ dashcams set a new standard for cutting-edge technology in driver safety.

Humanising Autonomy's chief executive officer, Maya Pindeus, says: "It happens to all of us. A mirror glance too short, a pedestrian misunderstanding, finding ourselves focusing on our next meeting instead of the road... Near-misses can happen in a split second, which is why we're thrilled to support drivers globally with the Nextbase iQ partnership. This isn't ADAS perception as the industry knows it; this is dashcams doing more. It's technology that not only benefits Nextbase customers, but all road users, ultimately creating safer roads that save lives. "

Superior ADAS functionality is the premier feature in the Nextbase iQ range. Running on Ambarella silicon and powered by Humanising Autonomy's Behaviour AI Platform, its analysis and prediction of human behavior generates driver alerts much earlier and with a higher degree of accuracy than other ADAS systems available on the market. This new generation of dashcams will empower drivers with real-time collision warnings, accurate blind-spot detection for rear- or side-facing cameras, and will enable up to a 10x reduction in false positives. Each feature ultimately leads to safer driving and safer road conditions for all road users, saving lives in the process.

The Nextbase iQ range comprises three products with resolutions ranging from 1080p up to 4K, each with three camera views. The new Smart Dashcams have forward facing and inward-facing cameras to protect the front and passengers, as well as the option of a rear-window camera to protect the back of the vehicle. Available to Nextbase customers globally, iQ-connected dashcams will be equipped to run with Humanising Autonomy's software on the edge and in the cloud. Armed with industry-leading ADAS functionality and vulnerable road-user perception, the iQ range is a significant upgrade on previous dashcams, effectively creating a new product segment.

Nextbase chief marketing and sales officer Richard Browning says: "As a consumer-led product, advanced ADAS functionality was always set to be a core feature in our iQ dashcams, but we needed to be sure our AI partner had the highest performance available and incredible accuracy when it came to VRU perception. Humanising Autonomy is that partner. Together, we're introducing a truly unique product to the dashcam market—one that makes our roads safer for everyone, and speaks to our mission to be every driver's guardian, offering protection and backup to people and their families in the vehicle and on the road. "

Nextbase has sold more than five million units since 2017, and one million in 2021 alone. Its former Series 2 range received widespread acclaim and was rated the number-one dashcam brand by Wirecutter, Mashable, PC World, Forbes, and TechRadar.

Tackling the industry's core challenges with camera perception and false positives, the technology can be used in all lighting, road, and weather conditions, as well as in areas of high road-user density. Backed by a dataset of one billion human behaviors, Humanising Autonomy offers the best possible VRU detection, prediction, and multi-camera support.

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