(USA and Canada) Rethinking Information Technology Asset Management presents a new answer an old problem. Most business leaders and IT managers assume nothing can be done about hardware and software asset management. That these problems are part-and-parcel of modern IT.

This book presents a new method – Pragmatic ITAM – that offers permanent solutions to the ignored, underpinning issues driving ITAM and SAM cost overruns.

This book is intended for business leaders and IT executives who are tired of missed budget forecasts, unexpected software audit penalties, untrustworthy CMDB or Asset MDR reports, and idea that this is “just the way it is.”

Jeremy L. Boerger started his career in information technology asset management (ITAM) fighting the Y2K bug at the turn of the 21st Century. Since then, he has helped companies in manufacturing, healthcare, banking, and service industries build and rehabilitate successful hardware and software asset management (SAM) practices.