JoAnn Stonier, Mastercard Chief Data Officer, Joins CDO Magazine Global Editorial Board

JoAnn Stonier, Mastercard Chief Data Officer
JoAnn Stonier, Mastercard Chief Data Officer

(US and Canada) We are pleased to welcome JoAnn Stonier to CDO Magazine’s Global Editorial Board. Stonier is Chief Data Officer at Mastercard and a leading global expert in data strategy, artificial intelligence, and privacy. She is an innovator who has worked for more than two decades at the intersection of data, technology, and information policy.

As an early practitioner and champion of the responsible use of data and artificial intelligence, Stonier is recognized for being a contributor to the fields of data strategy, data protection, data ethics, and the global data philanthropy movement.

At Mastercard, Stonier’s work has enabled the creation of a global data business that utilizes a vast array of data sources, which allows for innovation while respecting the rights of all data stakeholders. She has world-leading expertise in Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) including holding a patent for a fully independent anonymization solution and was an early adopter of homomorphic encryption and synthetic data, using solutions to enable information sharing.

In 2019, she authored Mastercard’s Data Responsibility principles creating, a simple but impactful method to ensure data innovation in a responsible manner across the firm. These principles have gone on to be utilized not only by Mastercard but have become the global norm for other organizations. In 2020, she assisted in the creation of the Data & Trust Alliance, an organization dedicated to the development of responsible and innovative data practices.

Stonier is a recognized data innovator and partner who is a sought-after advisor and partner by global enterprises, including the United Nations, Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development (OCED), the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, and the Aspen Institute. She has received widespread recognition for her work in the areas of data strategy, data governance, artificial intelligence, and privacy, and has been called “insightful, innovative” and “ahead of the pack.”

In 2023 alone, she was named among the Top 10 Women in FinTech to Watch, Data IQ’s 100 Most Influential Leaders in Data, CDO Magazine’s Global Data Power Leaders, and the Engatica 200 Powerlist of the World’s Top Business & Technology Leaders.

As global thought leaders, CDO Magazine’s Editorial Board of top executives share their expert opinions and innovations in data and analytics. The board ensures that we champion the best companies, leaders, and insights that accelerate our community’s success. Members may serve as editorial writers, reviewers, content developers, and conference speakers.

The CDO Magazine community welcomes JoAnn Stonier to our growing Global Editorial Board membership.

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