VIDEO | Preferabli, Co-Founder and CEO: Digitization Creates Ease of Life

VIDEO | Preferabli, Co-Founder and CEO: Digitization Creates Ease of Life

(US and Canada) Pam Dillon, Co-Founder, and CEO, Preferabli, speaks with Robert Lutton, Vice President, Sandhill Consultants, about the ease of adopting Preferabli and the opportunities of digitization in businesses.

Dillon says that Preferabli’s adoption is designed to be modular. That way, partner merchants use services particular to their brand and customer. It only needs an API endpoint or plug-in.

Speaking further about the application of Preferabli’s wine and alcohol curation technology in other areas, Dillon says that wine and spirits are actually a good indicator of sensory consumption. They can tell a lot about the nature of what one’s wearing, driving, or even where they’re going on vacation.

She notes that because grocery and retail sectors are the two primary sectors of business, the company’s development strategy is aligned with their growth strategies. The merchants live in a broader environment and they want to understand their consumers better, Dillon notes.

Dillon then speaks about today’s environment of deepening digitization and how they are driving daily interactions to create efficiency and ease of life. 

Concluding, she says that Preferabli’s algorithms were taught to behave like human beings and were imagined with the idea of connecting artisanal small producers to sensory consumers. These producers generally do not make a lot of money, especially during the first three years. They eventually start growing and it takes them about a decade to make a viable business of their products.

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