VIDEO | Bon Secours Mercy Health CDO: We Are Focusing on Improved Diagnostics With Data and AI

VIDEO | Bon Secours Mercy Health CDO: We Are Focusing on Improved Diagnostics With Data and AI

(US and Canada) Shahidul Mannan, Chief Data Officer at Bon Secours Mercy Health, speaks with Jon Kimerle, Global Epic Alliance Manager at Pure Storage, in a video interview about the organization’s cloud strategy, game-changing uses of data in healthcare, and the approach to combining newer sources of health data for better patient outcomes.

Speaking about Bon Secours Mercy's cloud strategy, Mannan says that it is more of a hybrid model with a cloud-first approach to innovation. The organization mostly uses on-prem data stores within the boundaries of EHR (Electronic Health Record) for regulatory, compliance, and operational reporting. The innovation around data ecosystems, advanced analytics, or AI-driven applications happens on the cloud for scalability, extendability, flexibility, and for taking advantage of newer products offered by cloud providers.

Elaborating further, Mannan suggests that there is a need to balance on-prem and off-prem keeping costs in mind. He explains that the cloud is not necessarily cheaper, but it can be an enabler. It can be more meaningful to use an on-premise cluster that can provide a cost advantage. He adds that Bon Secours Mercy is planning to pursue the ability to get data from newer sources like bedside devices and wearables and combine them in real time to deliver AI capabilities that can be lifesaving.

Mannan reveals that the organization is not focusing only on operational efficiency anymore. Instead, it is looking at more improved diagnostics with data and AI like better treatment matching, personalized medicine, and using data from encounter history and efficacy of various drugs.

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