Six Ways AI is Changing the World of Personalization

Six Ways AI is Changing the World of Personalization

(USA) The advent of new technology paradigms, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language programming, has been game-changing for the ways businesses interact with their customers. The results that can be achieved with the use of AI are limitless. 

You can improve customer engagement, retention and conversion rates, and your bottom line. It can help you understand your customer's needs faster and with more accuracy. Understanding customer needs with more precision means improved personalization and customization of products and services. Here are six innovative ways AI can stretch your customization efforts. 

Personalized Robots

The use of personalized robot avatars exists in a range of real-life fields. Many brands are effectively using such robots to greet customers. Users feel comfortable and enjoy an elevated experience with these robots’ automated responses. However, greeter robots that appear too human might prove counterproductive. 

AI Chatbots

AI chatbots reduce the number of steps one requires in a multi-step automated user communication process. These chatbots can take customers directly to the content they are seeking. They can also offer targeted and personalized responses quickly. AI Chatbots can comprehend previously unthinkable aspects of communication, like intent, nuance, sentiment and context in the language. 

Personalized Content and Messaging

Often customers prefer self-service over talking to a customer service representative. In the past, this was a cumbersome user experience. But AI has made the process easy. With AI, brands can leverage the large volume of customer data they have to speak directly to customers rather than catering to generalized audience segments with prototypical answers. Personalization of content is possible by making the right use of a customer’s purchase history, service tickets and browsing patterns. Similarly, the messaging can also become highly personal and need-specific through a range of content types, including actual information, images, videos, instructional material, and community discussion forums. 

Customized Ads and Product Recommendations

The application of AI makes it possible to create highly personalized ads, leveraging information on the users’ demographics, purchase history, etc. Additionally, machine learning makes it possible to preempt the users’ needs by combing through a large set of historical data and discovering patterns from them. Understanding what the customer might need next makes it easier to recommend appropriate products and increase the chances of conversion. AI can also even gauge the user’s emotional state by analyzing voice and images. It helps assess how the client feels about the product. 

AI can take personalization to a different level altogether by analyzing the past, present, and future of a consumer life cycle. 

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