Trends and Implications in Data, Privacy and AI Regulations

Regulations within the data, privacy and particularly the AI space are a rapidly moving target. Companies today must be aware of the regulations of multiple geographies, based not just on where the company resides, but also where the customers and other suppliers are located. The approach to regulation varies greatly between regions. Where the EU is focused on the privacy of the person as an individual with the idea of consent, the US is focused on the person as a consumer and has taken a more informative approach. The expectations from other countries are just beginning to be formulated. 

In this session, expert panelists discuss what are the common themes of AI governance and how responsible governance is designed. They dive into how to manage regulations across multiple geographies and how to take policies and principles to an actionable layer. Lastly, they explore the paradigm of personal ethics versus corporate ethics and how to apply your corporate ethics principles to meet different cultural challenges to the interpretation of your standards and values.


  • Bobbi Caggianelli, Head of North America Enterprise Sales Engineering, Collibra


  • Namrita  Mahindro, Chief Digital & Information Officer, Aditya Birla Chemicals

  • Della Shea, Chief Data Ambassador for Canada, CDO Magazine

  • Vignesh Shetty, SVP & General Manager, Edison AI and Platform, GE Healthcare

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