(US & Canada) VIDEO | Communication, Change, and Transparency Enable Innovation — Scotiabank VP Data and AI Risk

Anna Hannem, VP of Data and AI Risk at Scotiabank, discusses her approach to leveraging AI, small use cases, and organizational innovation.

Anna Hannem, Vice President of Data and AI Risk at Scotiabank, speaks with Subhash Kari, EVP and Chief Innovation Officer at Infocepts, in a video interview about leveraging AI technologies, starting with small use cases, and the key to organizational innovation.

At the onset, Hannem presents her ideas on leveraging AI technologies and tools. She believes in starting small and identifying use cases that will not contravene any privacy regulations. Further, she emphasizes the importance of working with the various partners in the organization and mentions having a committee with the organizational head of AI, information security, cyber, and IT risk.

Moving forward, Hannem elaborates that the committee interacts and interplays together to gain a comprehensive view of the organization and understand what is happening in the organization. She notes that the first reaction to any new inclusion is fear, however, if educated properly, people will see the beneficial side as well.

Therefore, Hannem suggests engaging in honest conversations about the potential risks while emphasizing the beneficial uses of the technology. Additionally, she believes that communication, change management, and transparency are key components in enabling organizational innovation while still mitigating risk.

Speaking about her role, Hannem states that she did not envision being in her current role. She advises others to take a chance and seize any opportunities that may seem unestablished.

In conclusion, she believes in setting a precedent and encourages others to embrace the possibilities and approach emerging areas of innovation.

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