AI Freedom Alliance Announces Resolutions for GenAI Use

AI Freedom Alliance Announces Resolutions for GenAI Use
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The AI Freedom Alliance (AIFA), a coalition of small to medium-sized business leaders and contributors, announced the release of its inaugural set of resolutions and standards focused on the ethical use and transparency of generative AI technologies across all digital media including social media platforms.

As digital platforms increasingly integrate artificial intelligence to create and curate content, AIFA has developed guidelines to ensure these technologies are used responsibly, and support user rights and data integrity. The newly released standards address crucial aspects of AI deployments, including transparent identification of AI-generated content and responsible AI applications.

Key resolutions include

Generative AI Identification: AI-generated content shared digitally including social media platforms must be clearly marked. The markings provide users with immediate visibility into the content’s origins. This initiative aims to foster transparency and maintain trust in digital content.

User Awareness and Control: Users have the right to know when they are interacting with AI-generated content and tools, ensuring informed decisions about their digital interactions.

"The promise of AI is here to stay, and everybody wants to use it to advance their capabilities,” says Angelo Mazzocco, Co-Organizer of the AI Freedom Alliance. “We believe Transparency standards will be the ultimate key to ensure the integrity of the data and information we are truly receiving. Those necessary guardrails are needed to give consumers the ability to discern reality from AI generated content. As we say in Data science, we don't want garbage in to produce alternate realities out.”

These standards are intended to guide developers of AI technologies and encourage social media platforms to adopt practices that protect and empower their users.

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