Since 1999, locally owned and operated Hanson Audio Video has been providing families with premium products and solutions for outdoor entertainment, home theater, hi-fi audio and smart home automation in their homes. Hanson’s primary goal is to present clients with a range of possibilities to ultimately create a luxury living experience, bringing families closer together to enjoy time together. With your budget in mind, Hanson offers a host of products and possibilities for your home.

Many families are now spending more time than ever together at home. Hanson provides a full spectrum of indoor and outdoor home entertainment options from outdoor TVs and sound systems to indoor golf simulators. A customized home with entertainment options for the family is a simple addition that instantly offers opportunities for the whole family to enjoy time together.

Outdoor TVs create a seamless indoor/outdoor-living experience allowing your family to relax together while enjoying the fresh air and beauty of your backyard. Golf simulators have been a big hit. Not only do they allow you to feel like you are out on the green, but they also provide entertainment for the whole family, with optional kids’ simulator games such as soccer, football, baseball and even zombie dodge ball.

Families who are now home together more than ever appreciate having a plethora of entertainment options to enhance time at home. Hanson AV can also sync up your home with the latest entertainment technology such as Roku, Apple TV, gaming systems and smart TV options. Home automation at your fingertips, updated home theaters for video games and movie streaming create enhanced entertainment possibilities for the whole family. Hanson can also take some of the stress out of school and work from home by improving Wi-Fi connectivity, ensuring everyone in the family can access the internet when and where they need it.

“Everyone being at home these past few months has highlighted the importance of Wi-Fi connectivity at home, especially for large houses where Wi-Fi might not carry throughout the whole house,” says Troy Hanson, owner of Hanson AV. “We can install extenders to boost signals and help families have better Wi-Fi connectivity and flexibility to use the internet throughout the house. We can also help make sure you have activities for you and the kids. People are spending more time at their homes and we have a plethora of ideas of things we can do to make that more enjoyable.”

Hanson AV can help you optimize your home for maximum enjoyment. As you spend more time with family at home, rely on Hanson AV to provide the latest home entertainment and technology solutions to make your time together more enjoyable.

Hanson Audio Video is located at 10800 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242. For more information, visit or call 513.563.0444.