If the year 2020 has taught us anything, it is the divine art of hanging out at home. What started off in the spring as “Oh, hey! A little extra free time at the house!” quickly became “Oh, hey! I’m pretty well stuck here now."

Many adults have set up shop to work from home. So have students as they engage in remote learning. Big gatherings, sporting events, and concerts have been cancelled, and for those who are unable or uninterested in traveling, vacations are nixed as well.

“People aren’t going out to eat as much these days or attending professional sporting events. They’re not going to Reds or Bengals games,” says Troy Hanson, owner of Hanson Audio Visual LLC. “They figure, ‘I’m not going out so I’m going to do things that will make my at-home life better.”

It’s the whole notion of making lemonade out of lemons: home edition.

The general theme Hanson has heard repeatedly over the course of the last seven months is that homeowners want to take the dollars they would normally have spent on activities outside the house and use it to enhance their home life. They are installing high-quality home theatre and home music systems as well as top-notch golf simulators. They’re also improving internet coverage so that they can enjoy better and more reliable connectivity, and Hanson AV is helping with all these projects.

“Now, more than ever, people want to make their home environment comfortable and convenient,” says Hanson. This is especially true given that many are participating in regular Zoom meetings and a weak internet signal can serve to frustrate, and if your kids can’t connect to their school’s server, panic ensues.

“We can improve internet coverage so that work/school productivity is more usable throughout the home,” Hanson says.

Plus, it comes in handy for homeowners who require a strong signal in order to stream material from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple or any of the other streaming services.

Finally, many homeowners have heightened concerns these days about security. They want to make sure they’ve got control of the safety of their residence, so they are installing security cameras, alarm systems, automated locks, automated blinds, and lighting.

“We see a lot of automation being put into place to help protect the homes and improve the lives of everyone who lives there,” says Hanson.

Of course, these changes increase the value of one’s home, making it a win-win situation all the way around.

“Even if they move some day, the idea that they’ve got all that built into their home increases that value, so there is payback on it at some point in time,” Hanson says.

“At Hanson Audio Video, we pride ourselves in helping to make families’ time at home as enjoyable as possible.”

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