For over 20 years, Wings Model Management has been a constant fixture in Cincinnati. The agency has earned a reputation as a launching pad for entertainers and models alike. Wings has represented a host of well-known entertainers, all of whom got their start at Jake Lang’s agency, situated in the Gwynne Building on Main Street in downtown Cincinnati.

Jake has a powerful story and is clearly driven by a passion and love for not only the work but also for the models he guides. The day I visited the Wings office he had a special guest in town, actor Charles Michael Davis, star of CW’s Series The Originals.  

Lang sees his role as more than a manager. He works with the parents and these young actors to make connections and introductions for his client, paving a path for them to reach their goals. Sometimes he is a sounding board, listening and encouraging as clients explore new possibilities. Other times, he plays the role of the trusted guide. He draws on his decades of experience working with casting directors and agents, supporting new clients who are on a first audition, and guiding his clients who are moving to L.A. to

further their entertainment or modeling careers.

“Moving forward, my vision is to continue to use our resources and vast network of connections to help our clients pursue work in the entertainment industry.  The talents love for learning the skill of acting becomes infectious and often serves for inspiration for others.  We focus on doing whatever we can to make the family and child comfortable and help them meet their goals.  We are working on new creative ways to expand what a talent agency can really be,” says Lang.

He has created a thriving 360 community for his talent with weekend workshops, TV commercial and model bookings, fashion show events and parties. When he signs a client, they are ushered into a vibrant community, an experiential lifestyle with customized support, relationships and, ultimately, the guidance needed to launch a successful career. Lang has an impressive list of actors and actresses to show for his approach — actors on popular shows

on Nickelodeon, Disney, Netflix, Fox, the CW and ABC. Successful established actors, actresses, models and casting agents who got their start at Wings regularly return to inspire and give back to the agency that helped them get their start. They know that they wouldn’t be where they are today without the support and guidance offered by Jake Lang.