It’s the integration of beauty and science, blending medical services  with a spa feeling.” This is the description used by the skincare specialists at Kuy Plastic Surgery when asked why they love what they do. When asked why they love where they work, their responses have a similar sense of satisfaction and sincerity: “The collaborative treatment of the whole anti-aging process and knowing I don’t need to send you anywhere else.” 

If you’re looking for a medical office that treats, supports and uplifts each other while also sharing that spirit with their patients, you’ve found it at Dr. Daniel G. Kuy’s practice. Consider it a skincare specialist sisterhood, defined by a passion for what they do – and collaborating as a unit to treat patients. See how they all work together to brighten, lighten, tighten and tone Greater Cincinnati.

Kendra Coppage | Advanced Esthetician

“What a treatment or product does at the cellular level is absolutely riveting to me — and then seeing the results actually come to fruition!”

While Dr. Kuy’s office performs a variety of aesthetic procedures, Kendra specializes in preventative and minor corrective treatments, including post-op scar treatment. She uses ultrasound technology to promote skin healing and minimize surgical scars. With the Swiss hydra facial, she uses a machine with vortex technology to infuse the skin with specialized products and suction out clogged pores, debris and dead skin. With a brand-new, top-of-the-line machine to perform those facials, Kendra can utilize ultrasound, microcurrents, LED lights and other functions to customize and enhance treatment. Another treatment she performs is lymphatic drainage to encourage the release of lymph and waste material in the blood, which can build up as a result of medication or anesthesia. Kendra also performs jet peels that use jet-stream technology to “power-wash” the face, so to speak, and infuse the skin with hydrating, anti-aging ingredients like peptides and hyaluronic acid.

Ashleigh Biggs-McGee | Nurse Practitioner

“I love that we can provide a number of services and answer all of your needs — I don’t need to send you anywhere else.”

Aesthetic medicine is chock full of treatments and procedures. For Ashleigh, this is why she appreciates the collaborative nature of Dr. Kuy’s office. Patients can receive an individualized treatment plan that’s surgical, non-surgical or both. Among Ashleigh’s specialties is laser resurfacing with the Frax 1550 and Frax 1940, which use laser technology to tighten the skin and improve tone. She performs IPL treatment, otherwise known as a photofacial, which helps even out pigmentation and overall complexion. She also performs PRP micro-needling, which uses platelet-rich plasma from a patient’s blood draw to penetrate their facial skin deeply and stimulate collagen. Some of the most common procedures she also performs include injectables by way of Botox, Dysport, dermal fillers and adding volume to cheeks and lips.

Lindsey Erikson | Nurse Practitioner

“A lot of times people are feeling down on themselves. I like to talk to them during their treatment, ask them about their life, give them that little confidence boost.”

“No two days are the same,” Lindsey says, which keeps her job interesting. She performs a variety of non-invasive treatments like Botox and Dysport injections, and dermal fillers to re-volumize the face. With laser hair removal, she explains that the laser travels down the hair follicle to kill it at its blood supply; within one to three weeks, the hair follicle works its way out and falls out. She says it works really well on darker, coarser hair. She also works with Emtone, which uses monopolar radiofrequency and pressure energy to treat cellulite and tighten mild skin laxity.

Jessie King | Advanced Esthetician

“I love gaining patients’ confidence and watching their skin fully transform. Every time they come in their skin looks different.”

Jessie loves to learn all about her patient’s life as she tends to their skin, adding, “I could talk to women all day long.” She performs procedures like VI Peels, Lash Lyfts and Swiss rejuvenation facials. The VI peel is a medium-depth chemical peel that exfoliates the skin and stimulates protein production. There are five different types, Jessie says, that are geared towards different needs. A Lash Lyft involves chemically curling the eyelashes up and tinting them to make them dark and noticeable. With a Swiss rejuvenation facial, Jessie customizes a client-specific protocol designed specifically for different skin types and needs. Every facial begins with a dermaplane to remove dirt, oils and peach fuzz, and she follows with a series of treatments that reflect her professional assessment and recommendation.

Leah Bruin | Permanent Makeup Artist

“It’s a job where I get to make people happy every day. I get to solve problems for them.”

Combining elements of artistic interest and skill with enhancing someone’s confidence makes permanent makeup a pretty great gig for Leah. She works with a spectrum of patients who are seeking cosmetic solutions through permanent makeup for eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and even areola repigmentation. Some of her clients, she says, have alopecia and scarring which she can address. Likewise, she works with folks who have recovered from cancer but never experienced hair regrowth. “It fits the bill for a lot of different people,” she says of permanent makeup. As a professional, she says it makes a world of difference to work in an office where people are not only happy every day, but their job is to help make other people happy: “Every day when you go to work there, you see nothing but smiles and happiness and positive attitudes. That’s invaluable. You just can’t put a number on that.”

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