Dublin Smart Mobility Corridor Moving Forward With Autonomous Vehicle Innovation

Rear view of an engineer in a gray coat looking at autonomous robotic arms while holding a digital tablet.


The city of Dublin is currently coordinating multiple projects on connected and autonomous vehicles that will ultimately join a larger, regional effort. According to Doug McCollough, Chief Information Officer for the City of Dublin, the 33 Smart Mobility Corridor is doing amazing things with regard to connected and autonomous vehicles.

“This is a really good microcosm of what’s happening with connected and autonomous vehicles in Central Ohio,” says McCollough. “Everything that’s happening is happening on this Corridor.”

There will be wireless equipment on the roadside and wireless equipment inside the vehicles.

“We’re creating an environment in which vehicles are exchanging data with other vehicles and with the equipment on the roadside, and that roadside equipment is exchanging data with our transportation operation centers,” says McCollough, noting that the connected vehicle environment is the pathway for achieving autonomous


“When people think about autonomous vehicles, they tend to think about an individual driver in his or her own car,” says McCollough. The truth is that the autonomous vehicle will also be used in delivery and public transportation. For instance, people will be able to get to their medical appointments. Students will be able to get to school. Those without a driver’s license won’t be limited in where they can go.

“We see autonomous vehicles as just one more technology within the larger mobility context that’s going to allow people to have better lives,” says McCollough.

Such vehicles will reduce pedestrian, bicycle and motorcycle accidents, many of which are caused by distracted driving.

“Adding the autonomous vehicle technology is going to improve the safety not only of that individual driver, but also others on the road,” says McCollough. “We’ve become so dependent on our smartphones, but our vehicle is also a critical device in our lives, and we want to make it safer for us all.”

For more information about the Autonomous Vehicle Project, visit www.drive.ohio.gov/projects/