These days, as a large portion of the population has transitioned to working from home and many children are engaged in virtual learning, we’re all seeking a quiet environment in which we can concentrate. Thankfully, Pella Corporation is helping in that endeavor with its creation of the Pella Lifestyle Series triple-pane window with optional sound package. It’s the first window and door brand in the United States to be awarded Quiet Mark certification for superior noise reduction. Quiet Mark, the international award program that recognizes excellence in low-noise products, encourages companies worldwide to prioritize noise reduction within the design of everyday products, machines and appliances, and building materials, providing consumers with a trusted mark of approval to help inform purchase decisions.

“It’s always exciting to represent the brand recognized as ‘the first and only’ in a category. There are times we lead and others we follow. This one we clearly lead,” says Fred Cernetisch, Vice President, Pella Windows and Doors of Cincinnati and Central Kentucky. “The sound performance of our products has been important for a long time, and it is great to see the engineering continuously improve and be recognized for the achievements made.”

Consumers want to be able to easily identify quieter products to align with their lifestyle, and Quiet Mark wants companies to prioritize noise reduction in their products — something that’s especially important with the trend to move back into the cities and more urban areas.

There’s no doubt that the demand to limit noise pollution in the home is high. As one mother noted, “Even in the suburbs, it will be nice not to have my kid’s nap time disturbed by my neighbor’s lawn service. I really love her two-hour nap time! I get the majority of my work done then.”

It’s not just about productivity, either. With so many Americans suffering from health issues that are related to noise exposure, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, insomnia and hearing loss, it’s imperative that homeowners find a way to dial back the noise.

“Consumers care about the amount of noise they are exposed to, be it from their vacuum cleaner or their next-door neighbor,” says Poppy Szkiler, Quiet Mark founder and CEO. “When quieter products or noise reduction solutions are identified for them by our Quiet Mark label, it makes purchase decisions easier, transforming our homes and living spaces.”

Energy performance and aesthetics are major hot buttons for homeowners considering replacing windows and doors, Cernetisch notes. Typically, sound performance improvement often occurs as an added benefit, not a primary driver of the decision to replace.

“Now homeowners seeking the benefit of sound performance improvement have more options and even better solutions with our products,” says Cernetisch. “Whether living near a busy intersection or the neighbor who mows every day, you can reduce the impact of noise with our product — and still get the additional benefits of energy performance and aesthetics.”

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