For more than 25 years, Eagle Custom Homes has been guided by the creed of “A Perfect Reflection of You” with owner Doug Feagles at the helm. Living by this motto, the company has distinguished themselves in the upper echelon of homebuilders in the Greater Cincinnati area.

When beginning a new home build journey, Eagle takes the time to form a personal connection with their clients in order to go beyond their requirements.

“One of the most overlooked aspects of designing a home is understanding the lifestyle of the homeowner,” says Feagles. “Having nearly four decades of experience, I’m able to ask our customers questions that haven’t even crossed their minds.”

Translating those insights into plans, clients work with designer Jill Neverovich in Eagle’s on-premises design studio. Comprised of the latest design trends, including refurbished farmhouse beams, Eagle simplifies the building process by allowing customers to make a majority of their selections from one convenient location.

“This provides a more personalized touch,” says Feagles, noting that 60% to 70% of the home selections are done in their home selection studio. “It’s hard to convey how much we care about our customers, embrace the craft and love the process.”

Homeowners don’t forget that either, which is why clients Eagle worked with a decade ago feel comfortable asking for help even today if current cosmetic issues arise.

“I always joke about having the longest one-year warranty,” says Feagles. “In all seriousness, it takes very little effort for me to send over someone to touch up paint instead of having the customer find someone that they don’t know and have to wait all day for them.”

Eagle’s expertise doesn’t stop with building new homes. They apply the same excellent concepts when remodeling them. Starting with understanding a client’s pain points, they are able to determine the most efficient and cost-effective design to fit the client’s lifestyle. “We don’t build just to build. If there is a better way to make a space more functional, I will always suggest that to our customers,” says Feagles. “Any builder can do the fit and finish, but we focus on the structural and mechanical aspects foremost."

Employing a crew of Amish carpenters who have a stellar work ethic, Eagle is able to achieve a structurally sound home from the beginning. This hand-picked crew of carpenters, combined with Feagles’ degree in civil engineering and architecture, allows the company to tackle any project — even the unimaginable. Take, for example, their most recent project in North Bend, in Ohio’s River Valley, where Eagle is erecting a home perched upon a cliff with a sheer drop-off in topography — a feat only the most skilled builder could handle given the level of knowledge necessary to professionally manage the engineering support.

“Building on flat land as opposed to building on the side of a cliff are two totally different things,” says Feagles. “Not a lot of builders have the tools in their toolbox to tackle a project of this magnitude.” Building all around the city, Eagle recently put the finishing touches on a nine-townhome development in Madeira called The Overlook. Offering beautiful rooftop terraces and a low-maintenance lifestyle, this community is perfect for any active adult. This spring they are also breaking ground on a development in Maineville called

Porters Heath, a small community with two- to four-acre lots. “Close to all of the modern conveniences with the added benefit of living on land, it’s today’s country living,” says Feagles.


Eagle Custom Homes Inc. is located at 411 W. Loveland Ave., Suite 202, Loveland, OH 45140. For more information, call 513.313.4157 or visit