When you think about what it means to be your best self, it is not just one thing that leads to your happiness. Instead, it is a myriad of things that work collectively to help create a healthy and happy self. Everyone’s needs and lives are different, but a key element is feeling confident about your appearance. Self-care is crucial for both our physical and mental wellness. As we age, this can become more and more challenging because of the natural changes that happen to us. Luckily, there are several newer and some traditional technologies which can dramatically improve how you age to help you put forth your best self. “It is true, 50 is the new 30, and people are aging more gracefully because there are many things that we are able to do to prevent and correct the problems that naturally occur as we age,” says Dr. Beatriz Porras, president of Skin Diagnostics Laser and Rejuvenation in Montgomery. “There are several factors that cause our faces to age and because of this, a combination of treatments gives the best results. Newer and more traditional technologies allow for amazing results through treatments that are safe, effective and affordable and require little to no social downtime.”

It is a culmination of factors that contribute to the health and appearance of our skin, and Dr. Porras explains that it is important to understand how these treatments work in tandem to create the best results.

“As we grow older, we lose elasticity and volume as well as fat beneath our skin,” she says. “In our 20s our faces are naturally round and when we enter our 30s, we begin to lose collagen. As women enter menopause, they also begin losing muscle and skin elasticity and tone. To combat these changes, people would often seek the surgical route and have a facelift.”

A facelift can achieve desired results, but it has negative ramifications. A facelift does not replace the volume that is naturally lost, there is a longer recovery time, it is costly and there are risks associated with being put under general anesthesia. Through nonsurgical treatments, you can attain a natural, youthful look by replacing volume and gaining back elasticity and collagen through combining safer and effective treatment options.

“When we are in our 30s, permanent lines form resulting from repetitive movements such as smiling and frowning,” Dr. Porras says. “Neuromodulators such as Botox, Xeomin, Dysport and now the new Jeuveau are all traditional and fantastic treatments that have been around for 20-plus years and can be used to help relax those lines, preventing wrinkles and treating existing lines, creating a natural and youthful look." 

Dr. Porras explains that as we continue to age, our face starts to change shape and becomes more elongated, losing volume. “We can combat this by using dermal fillers to replace the volume,” she says. “The fillers last between nine months to two years. You would not want the fillers to last longer than that because as your face ages and continues to change, the fillers need to change with it.”

At around age 50, our skin begins to lose elasticity. There are multiple technologies that Dr. Porras has incorporated into her practice that have similar results as a facelift but without the risks and downtime. “Radiofrequency works by penetrating the skin and entering the dermis to stimulate collagen,” Dr. Porras says. “One technology I use is called Thermi-smooth Radiofrequency. This device can be used around the eyes, jaw line, neck, cheeks and on the thighs, arms and abdomen. It is a holistic and noninvasive treatment which works by penetrating and modifying the collagen causing the skin to tighten, ultimately creating a smoother appearance. There is no downtime with this treatment, and it is very pleasant. It feels like a hot stone massage.” Agnes Radiofrequency (RF) is a newer and remarkably effective technology that is most often used to correct sagging eyelids, cheeks and double chin. Facial wrinkles can be treated, too. This technology introduces micro-insulated needles into the skin to transfer the radiofrequency into the tissues. This minimally invasive procedure does require a short, five-day social downtime.

Dr. Porras also offers microneedling with radiofrequency, a minimally invasive treatment to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scarring and loose skin.

“We are all aging better. The important thing is finding the best combination of treatments for your skin. It is also imperative to have a great skin care regimen and avoid sun exposure.” Dr. Porras created her own skin care line seven years ago — TRANSFORMATION by Dr. Porras. This skin care line contains anti-aging ingredients such as growth factors, ceramides, peptides, retinoids, vitamins and green tea extract, and they are hypoallergenic.

We all strive to create the best version of ourselves and it’s important to take the time for self-care. Total nonsurgical face, neck and body rejuvenation is a fantastic way to feel great about yourself because it helps you to look like you, just a younger and more vibrant version! 

Skin Diagnostics Laser and Rejuvenation is located at 9201 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242. For more information, email Beatrice_dermpath@hotmail.com, call 513.631.0059 or visit their website, www.cincinnatiskinlaser.com.