United Dairy Farmers (UDF) is inviting customers to take advantage of their U-Drive program, a loyalty rewards program whose primary currency is giving customers cents off gasoline at the pump. Customers accumulate savings by buying store items over several trips. When you buy $25 worth of merchandise, you earn five cents off per gallon of gasoline.

“A lot of people are commuters, which means they come in several times a week to get their morning coffee, to top off their gas tank, or grab a bottled water or snacks for the day,” says Denise Jenkins, vice president of marketing at UDF. “Just through their routine purchases, their savings can add up quickly.” 

When a customer plugs in their U-Drive account at the pump, it’ll indicate how many cents off they have in their account and will immediately apply that discount to the gas purchase.

“It literally rolls back the price on the gas pump right before your eyes, which is kind of gratifying,” says Jenkins. “It’s the closest thing you get to Vegas!”

UDF also runs a variety of U-Drive promotions throughout the year. For instance, there is the “Five & Drive” event where customers get 50 cents off per gallon with five malts or milkshakes purchased. The event has been so popular that they introduced an equivalent promotion for ice cream cones (40 cents off per gallon for four cones purchased).

“Again, it doesn’t have to be all in one trip,” says Jenkins. “It can be across several different ones as long as it’s within the promotional timeframe.”

U-Drive members also get notifications when gas prices are about to increase and can take advantage of the low-price lock guarantee. “This means that UDF gives you a heads-up and holds the lowest price of the day for you until midnight so you can come in and fill up at the lower price,” says Jenkins. When you enter your U-Drive number at the pump, it’ll automatically recognize you as a U-Drive customer and set the gas price to the previous lowest price for that day.

In addition, customers get at least a three cents per gallon discount every day just for being a U-Drive member. It’s important to note, however, that you must be registered to take advantage of weekly offerings such as the U-Drive Freebies, which includes free goodies like energy drinks, sports waters and iced teas. They occasionally throw an ice cream flavor into the mix.

“We seldom give away ice cream, but we are more likely to do that for our U-Drive members because they’re our best customers,” says Jenkins.

“My experience has been amazing,” says UDF customer Victoria Meek. “It’s wonderful to know that when you are on a tight budget, you can still afford to get good snacks and earn fuel points. To never pay full price for gas is amazing!”

In the future, UDF plans to send people coupons that are specific to the things they like to buy.

“We’re going to be getting more sophisticated with one-on-one marketing within the program so that it’s more personalized to customers and what they care about,” says Jenkins.

Whether you’re a parent, a retiree, a college student, or someone who wants to watch their pennies, the U-Drive account is perfect for you!

For more information about  United  Dairy  Farmers or to sign up to become a U-Drive member, visit www.udfinc.com.