Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Partners with Sunbrella to Create Durable Collections


These were phrases that were once uttered with great frequency in homes that contained high-quality furnishings. But no more, thanks to Sunbrella®, which has revolutionized the way we think about and use upholstery performance fabrics. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams has partnered with Sunbrella to offer several collections, all of which offer durable, stain- and fade-resistant fabrics in multiple styles and colors. This means that families – including children and pets – relax on sofas and chairs without fear of ruining them with a careless spill, dirty footprint, or muddy pawprint.

In fact, according to Jeannie Shupe, General Manager of the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Cincinnati Signature Store, their “Be Fearless” advertising campaign perfectly sums up the home furnishing company’s design collaboration with Sunbrella.

“A lot of people do fear purchasing high-end furniture if they have a toddler who is constantly running around with their juice cup or a dog who comes inside after a rainstorm,” says Shupe. “With Sunbrella performance fabrics you can live your life without worry, trusting that it’ll be okay.”

When she has clients who express concern over buying nice upholstery because they have children or pets, Shupe points them toward options like Sunbrella’s appealing Terrace print, which comes in an array of colors. Often when she first suggests performance fabrics, clients think of plastic, scratchy, and uncomfortable outdoor furniture. But the moment they touch Sunbrella’s soft and cozy performance fabrics, their minds are forever changed.

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams is a renowned lifestyle home furnishings brand best known for comfortable, stylish and value-conscious modern upholstery, tables, storage, lighting, rugs, draperies, accessories, bed linens and mattresses. They sell predominantly chairs and sofas in Sunbrella performance fabrics for living and dining rooms, since those are the places families most often congregate. Another reason their customers gravitate toward Sunbrella performance fabrics is because it gives them stain-resistant upholstery options without having to apply chemical treatments for protection.

Using an online customization tool, designers at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams can help clients visualize different fabric options on select pieces of upholstery. In addition, interior design software called Icovia enables designers to drop in pieces of the client’s choosing (rather than generic chairs and sofas) to get a floor plan view of the set-up for their chosen pieces.

Shupe notes that clients adore the Cooper Studio Swivel Chair that’s covered in a Sunbrella performance fabric, as well as the gorgeous pet beds that are also covered in Sunbrella performance fabrics that are easy to clean.

“It really helps people feel comfortable with their purchase when they realize how durable the fabric is and how easy it will be to care for it,” says Shupe, noting that the Sunbrella partnership has been great because consumers trust the brand and are confident that their performance fabric options are high-quality.


Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams is located at 5901 East Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236. For more information, call 513.826.0070, visit, or email mgbw.cincinnati@mgbwhome.