Scotti’s Italian Restaurant, tucked into the heart of Over-The-Rhine (OTR), brings a taste of Italy to Cincinnati like no other eatery can. If you love authentic Italian food, this charming family-owned restaurant with its Old-World ambience is the dining experience — lunch or dinner — that never disappoints.

It may not look like much on the outside (some dub it “a little hole in the wall”), but inside you’ll be delighted by, as one guest describes it, “the unique mosaic walls, candles that have burned for so many years they have created colorful wax mountains on the tables,” and the Italian opera music playing soothingly in the background.

Yes, Scotti’s Italian Restaurant is the real deal. Their menu offerings have tantalized Cincinnatians’ taste buds for more than 100 years. The minestrone (which comes with any pasta dinner) is vegetarian and beyond scrumptious. The salad (which also comes with any pasta dinner) is equally delicious.

Scotti’s has had every opportunity to become more modern, more sophisticated, like the up-and-coming area of OTR surrounding it.

However, they have chosen to remain traditional and Italian true, from their quaint décor to the mouthwatering aromas regularly wafting from their kitchen – a comforting consistency these days. At Scotti’s Italian Restaurant, you are part of their family; a family who welcomes you and is known for always offering a heaping helping of lively conversation while you await your appetizer. Pasta, veal, beef, vegetarian — Scotti’s fantastic fare has something for everyone, and they will happily make requested substitutions from one delectable dish to another to ensure you enjoy your meal to the fullest.

So, if you’ve been wishing you could experience Italy without the cost of actually going there, and partake of some of that country’s amazing — and reasonably-priced — cookery (when was the last time you enjoyed Mostaccioli Ala Toscanini or Rolled Stuff Lasagna Ala Don Pasquale?), then Scotti’s Italian Restaurant is the perfect place for you to sup!

Scotti’s Italian Restaurant is located at 919 Vine St., Cincinnati, OH 45202