News of a visionary real estate alliance has people talking. Two top-producing teams at Coldwell Banker Realty announced recently they will work as one.

The Megan Stacey Group and The Julia Wesselkamper Group — each a recognized leader in its own right — joined forces early this year. We sat down with Megan Stacey and Julia Wesselkamper to talk about their inspired move, what it means for them, and what it means for YOU!

Venue Magazine: What factors drew your two groups together?

Megan Stacey: Each of us is dedicated to doing everything we can to anticipate and exceed clients’ needs and expectations. Our alliance does that. Our combined value and performance is greater than the sum of our individual parts, and that’s a win for our clients.

Julia Wesselkamper: We have worked together in the past and we are friends. We hold similar values and philosophies on doing business — producing an excellent job for our clients with an emphasis on honesty, integrity and unparalleled service.

Venue Magazine: What do you see as the takeaway, or game changer, for clients as a result of your alliance?

Julia Wesselkamper: Our areas of expertise are complementary. Megan is hands- down one of the savviest marketing specialists I know, and she has an unsurpassed mastery of systems and processes. My experience is in the luxury home market as a Global Luxury® Property Specialist, as well as in home staging through my company STAGE IT by Julia. Our alliance increases the breadth and depth of services we can deliver.

Megan Stacey: We also have assembled great teams, independently, that are now working collaboratively. Our people are a great asset, and by joining forces we made a huge increase in the quality of that asset.

Venue Magazine: What qualities do each of you see in the other that makes you know your alliance is the right move at the right time?

Megan Stacey: Julia has more than 30 years of experience helping people buy and sell homes, a proven record in the luxury market, and home staging expertise. She’s passionate about her job, and has a well-deserved reputation for dedication, attention to detail, and innovation. She’s a problem solver who is always striving to make each client’s life better. Julia instilled those qualities in her team members, too. They’re a group of dynamic businesswomen, and our collaboration makes each of us stronger.

Julia Wesselkamper: Megan is amazing! Her marketing prowess and systems mastery are admirable and impressive. She has built a strong team of professionals who are passionate about delivering the very best real estate experience. I’m thrilled about the opportunity to work alongside Megan every day, and I’m excited to see our combined group thrive, grow and deliver extraordinary service to Greater Cincinnati.

Contact Megan Stacey at 513.702.8886 or email

Contact Julia Wesselkamper at 513.720.4496 or email