WEBINAR | Maximizing GenAI Impact: Promises, Pitfalls, and Best Practices

If you missed the live session and are eager to catch up on these insights, we are pleased to offer access to the recorded webinar.

This webinar titled, "Maximizing GenAI Impact: Promises, Pitfalls, and Best Practices," features esteemed panelists, Dr. Phani Dathar and Dr. Jim Webber of Neo4j, Jason Beyer of Bridgestone, and Dr. Rex Davis of of the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC).

Key Takeaways:

  • Overcome hallucination, bias, and explainability challenges.

  • Best practices for implementing Generative AI solutions.

  • Understand the relationship between LLMs and Knowledge Graphs.

  • Improving model accuracy and reinforcing user trust.

  • How to reduce generic responses and increase traceability

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