Renaissance Story

In April 2016, Marti Otto booked her daughter, Kate’s, wedding at The Renaissance Cincinnati Downtown Hotel. The staff, the atmosphere, and the entire experience was so exceptional that when her youngest daughter, Marissa, got engaged, they made a beeline to the venue. 

“The staff’s commitment to detail is stellar. There isn’t one single thing they don’t think of,” says Marti, noting that during their initial meeting they met with every primary player, including catering staff, servers, and vendors. 

Understandably, Marissa wanted her big day to be unique than her sister’s and it was just that. For Kate’s wedding, the Otto Family utilized the ballroom’s foyer for the cocktail reception. The florist draped the doorway for the ballroom’s “big reveal.” For Marissa’s wedding, however, the cocktail reception took place on the balcony, allowing guests to overlook the breathtaking ballroom. 

“Accommodating the flow of the room is big to me because nothing is worse than being crowded at a wedding,” says Marti. 

When it came to designing the décor, Marissa envisioned an outdoorsy feel, so she chose to incorporate four 14-foot potted trees as centerpieces. 

The head table was placed down the center of the room, and above it hung abundant greenery, floating glass orbs and candle votives that stretched over the length of the table, providing a “vineyard-type vibe.” 

“The entry was a like a giant flower wall with the center cut out. It was so lush,” says Marti. “When Marissa walked into the event, she said, it was like stepping into Narnia.” 

The magical atmosphere was topped off by twinkle lights cascading from vines on the brass railings and softly lighting the historic Burnham Hall, which features a 40-ft. dome hand-painted ceiling from 1927. 

As mother of the bride, Marti was relieved to be able to let go of all wedding responsibilities and just enjoy such a special night with her closest loved ones. 

“I didn’t have to worry because I knew all the details would be taken care of,” says Marti. This was especially nice given that at the time she was also in the midst of planning a wedding with her third daughter. 

“I knew I had my work cut out for me with two weddings to plan in 2½ months’ time,” says Marti. “The staff at the Renaissance Cincinnati was my security blanket because I knew if I missed something, they would be on top of it.” 

During the wedding, The Renaissance team continuously oversaw all details to ensure a flawless event. The convenience of having all their guests stay at The Renaissance for the wedding weekend was another huge perk. Being situated downtown, guests had the opportunity to experience the beauty of downtown Cincinnati throughout their stay. Plus, the morning after the ceremony, all 180 guests were invited to a Sunday brunch at the hotel, which was both convenient and delicious. 

“The Renaissance staff was in tune with making my daughter’s vision come to life,” says Marti. “Their execution is beyond anything you can imagine.” 

And if you wonder if Marti is “weddinged-out,” think again. 

“Honestly, I wish I had another daughter so I could plan another wedding at the Renaissance Cincinnati!” says Marti. 

Renaissance Cincinnati Downtown is located at 36 East Fourth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. For more information, visit