Twin Lakes, an integrated lifestyle community with superior senior living services, makes aging well a top priority. As a senior living community, Twin Lakes empowers residents to spend more time enjoying their hobbies and pursuing their passions. The team at Twin Lakes believes retirement should allow for independence, adventure and freedom. Life at Twin Lakes embraces that very idea by handling all home maintenance and other burdensome everyday tasks. From independent and assisted living neighborhoods to skilled care, memory support, and even rehabilitation services, the caring team at Twin Lakes offers around-the-clock support for residents.

Because of the wide range of fulfilling experiences provided at Twin Lakes, residents find purpose and joy while developing meaningful relationships. Twin Lakes has been recognized for surpassing residents’ expectations, as well as going above and beyond to cultivate a deep sense of community that exceeds quality and safety standards. They strive to improve their service and value by continually developing and increasing their resources.

In response to COVID-19, Twin Lakes has exercised flexibility while making the necessary adjustments to ensure the safety of their residents. Twin Lakes’ associates have risen to the challenge in caring and creative ways. From facilitating FaceTime and Zoom calls to help residents connect with their families to creating old-fashioned ice cream truck experiences, they are committed to ensuring that life be as normal as possible for everyone. In the midst of challenging times, Twin Lakes shines, thanks to their deep commitment to the care and well-being of residents.

Carol Ann Blain is a long-time Twin Lakes resident who considers her time there to be some of the best years of her life. She is thankful to be at Twin Lakes during the pandemic, where she feels well cared for and secure.

“It’s been an outstanding 15 years,” says Blain. “The pandemic is just one season of life. For me, I would rather be here because you may see someone in the hall, and you have people who care for you. They’ve done everything they can to make our stay in isolation better. They have produced exercise programs and a “Good Morning” show on the in-house TV, as well as movies and art or history programs to help us feel connected. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, associates bring us our mail, groceries and meals.

“I always feel safe because we have a 24-hour safety team,” Blain continues. “My whole experience here at Twin Lakes has been great. It’s a very loving community. The people who work here care very deeply about the residents. The location is wonderful. It has allowed me to have a very active life as a widow. Twin Lakes offers a lot of community and opportunities for involvement to help raise our spirits and keep us feeling connected to others. ”Resident Barbara MacTaggart appreciates the security provided, as well as the friendships that have blossomed within the rich community of Twin Lakes.

“I would highly recommend Twin Lakes to anyone considering a retirement community, as I’ve been here 15 years,” MacTaggart says. “For me, I’m an outgoing person and the friends I’ve made here can’t be topped. The care is excellent. The nurses are very responsive to any questions or needs.

“I live in the apartments, and I know that if I get sick in the middle of the night, all I have to do is call the front desk and before I’ve blinked an eye, there is someone here to take care of me,” she continues. “Their dedication has been apparent during the quarantine. They have been better than the best. I cannot sing their praises high enough. They’ve all been working extra hours doing whatever is needed to help us. They’ve had to cancel all the entertainment we normally have. Instead, they’ve planned trivia and scavenger hunts. They work way beyond their normal hours. I always feel so safe and taken care of.”

Twin Lakes is located at 9840 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242. For more information, visit or call 513.247.1300.