Scott Dennull VP, Infrastructure Services & Operations, NetJets, speaks with Jamie Baird, Partner/Director of Sales, Parallel Technologies about how the company waded through the troubles of mobilizing its workforce and managing the business during Covid. 

Dennull says that people, processes, and technology make the three legs of the stool. “I can't say that there was one technology that saved the day. It was the heroic efforts when there were 500 PCs that needed to be deployed because people had desktops and they were sitting here for hours upon hours, just loading up machines, getting them out there. It was the people doing what they needed to do and no technology was gonna make that faster,” he adds.

He mentions that while the processes could have been improved, the biggest thing for NetJets was being able to get people the equipment they needed with the software required to do their job and be able to perform their job from any location.

NetJets is currently looking at a hybrid model of work with some roles being completely remote. Employees started rolling back into offices by May, June, and July.

Dennull says, “It's kind of shifting and the leadership here are trying to adjust to them. They started bringing people back. We have a flight center, which is basically a call center for all of our customers to come in and they love the excitement and the churn that goes on with all these people being in the room. IT became more of an issue because of the growth of the company and there were really not enough seats for butts. We had to do a lot of scaling down.”

He explains that while some teams, like the infrastructure team, come to the office one day a week, others come in for two weeks at a time and then they work from home for the next two weeks.

“The business is back for the majority of the part, but IT based on seating and the needs of being competitive in the market, we've gone more to a hybrid and are considering some remote roles that are just not being able to be filled locally, Dennull signs off.