Ajay Jindal, CIO/Head of Global IT at MGF Sourcing, speaks with Nicholas Enger, CTO, Advanced Technology Consulting, about digital transformation, talent retention, and the various aspects of digital transformation.

Jindal says that the transformation at MGF started with the organization’s strategy and a roadmap of three to five years. However, the process had to be halted due to unforeseen reasons and disruptions in the supply chains caused by the pandemic.

Speaking on the key enablers of digital transformation, he pinpoints leadership support and engagement and says that nothing materializes without it. In his view, the alignment with the leadership has been instrumental in the journey. The other big factor he highlights is support from the people employed in the organization.

Jindal further speaks about talent retention and attraction. Some of the initiatives the organization took to retain talent include keeping up with the market in terms of compensation and keeping people informed on where the company is going.

He maintains, however, that talent attraction has been harder as the organization operates in multiple countries and time zones.

Sharing his views on people, process, and technology — the three components of digital transformation — he says that the people are the real assets. From a process perspective, the organization is actively reviewing the processes in more detail, making improvements, and looking for ways to automate them.

From the technology viewpoint, an active task is upgrading backend ERP to the latest options available in the market. Another area of technology MGF is looking at is ways to leverage data, AI and ML technologies to make better decisions.