Swamy Sriperumbudur, President and Co-Founder, MapRecruit, speaks with Mark Johnson, Regional VP – Fusion Alliance, about the need for adopting HRtech and the way forward for that space.

Local and regional employers aren’t the only ones vying for the talent pool in a specific region, says Sriperubudu. With MapRecruit, employers can engage with the right talent across a global talent pool. The company is aligning its value proposition with the new HR management strategy that developed during the pandemic, recognizing that job roles have, indeed, become globalized. Thus, job seekers are at an advantage when it comes to choosing a job, and companies need to provide as many channels as possible to communicate with them, be it WhatsApp, chatbots, websites or text messages. 

“Hiring a thousand people per month? Use our platform. We will be there with you because it is all about AI and machine learning, which will make sure that the required talent is available for you at whatever time you want and people are engaging them right away,” Sriperembudur says.  “That is the power we are giving to the employers as well as the job seekers so that there is absolutely no friction.” 

Regarding the emerging trend in the space, he says that job seekers today want to search for jobs from the comfort of their homes, making it even more important for employers to adopt HRtech. He predicts there will be even more creation and adoption of tools, emphasizing that the new tools have to be within the regulatory and the compliance framework. They have to follow data privacy regulations, have to be transparent and unbiased, and they also have to be agile.

“Right now, in the entire recruitment process, we are using AI and ML, but we want to give that AR and VR option to the job seekers,” he continues. “You can get the look and feel of how your role is going to be in that particular company. With Meta and web3, there will be more virtual interaction,” he adds.

Sriperembdur also mentions the consolidation of fragmented tools allowing people to focus on a single source of truth.

“When you think about the business segments that could benefit from the automation of workflow in the recruiting process that MapRecruit brings to the table, it’s valuable to all. I say this platform is beneficial to people who want to recruit people who want to work,” he concludes.