Comspark About Us

Our Company

Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH ComSpark and its initiatives provide opportunities to experience community, share innovative ideas and celebrate leaders in technology. It is a platform where senior level executives who embrace the idea of expanding the global digital footprint and who lead with innovation, passion and most importantly technology are brought together.  

Annual events we host to provide these connective opportunities include: ComSpark Summit, Cybersecurity Summit, Global CDO and Data Leaders’ Summit, Women in Technology Leadership Summit, technology and leadership awards banquets, and more. 


Our History 

ComSpark, a media property of LeadTribune Media, was founded in 2010 during one of the worst economic climates we have ever seen. At a time when people were saying that print media was dead, the first LeadTribune Media print magazine was published. We have since expanded from a single magazine to a variety of media properties, and we are still growing, 10 years later, in a time where business has been forced to shift to virtual platforms. 

Our additional media properties include Venue Magazine, Cincinnati's lifestyle and event guide, and CDO Magazine, an online digest designed to give a voice to global leaders in data and analytics that grew out of MIT's annual CDO and Information Quality Symposium (MIT CDOIQ).


Our Vision

To be a catalyst for sharing innovative ideas, technology trends and networking. ComSpark’s passion is to connect others and help build relationships among our business partners. 


Our Values

How we approach our work and our relationships: 

Integrity. Integrity is the cornerstone of what we do.  We make responsible decisions based on professional standards.   

Passion. We are enthusiastic about making connections and expanding relationships within the industries and communities we support to grow and learn from one another. 

Respect. Every interaction is handled based on how our team wants to be treated, with kindness and fairness. 

Innovation. We thrive on new ideas in attempt to redefine the standard of excellence. 

Service. We are always ready to be of help to each other and to our business partners. 

Growth. The business climate is constantly changing, and we are always ready to expand on what we know and who we know. 




Comspark Highlights



* These leaders have either been featured in Comspark Magazine,, or have spoken at the Comspark Tech Summit *

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