Codeword's AI interns Aiko (left) and Aiden (right). Photo credits to Codeword

Codeword's AI interns Aiko (left) and Aiden (right). Photo credit: Codeword.

(US and Canada) US-based marketing communications agency Codeword is welcoming two new interns for its ‘Winter 2023 Internship Class.’ Aiko and Aiden are also likely to be the first AI interns in the agency business. The interns selected their own names and visual presentation based on prompts and are based on AI tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, Dall-E 2, among others.

A company blog says that Aiko will work with the design team, and will be handling design tasks “like editing photos, drafting concept sketches/moodboard imagery, and icon design.” Similarly, Aiden will work with the editorial team performing “voice-and-tone studies, news analysis, and possibly writing first drafts of internal content.”

“Aiden and Aiko will be integrating into the agency’s tech stack, which already includes all kinds of AI-powered platforms. The difference is, they’ll be focused more on creative output, rather than the insights and analytics we get from more traditional automated marketing technologies,” the blog mentions.

The interns won’t be involved in client-facing work until the agency is sure of their reliability and support from clients.