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Dr. Silvia Ochoa, PhD, Global Head, Data Science at The Coca-Cola Company 

Dr. Silvia Ochoa, PhD, joins the Coca-Cola Company as Global Head, Data Science in April 2021. Dr. Ochoa is a seasoned data science and analytics professional. Her experience includes driving the strategic direction of data science, optimizing mission-critical business processes, developing and operationalizing advanced analytics, and leading numerous full-stack data, data science, and risk teams.

Dr. Ochoa spent 12 years at USAA in progressive leadership roles for Data Science and Model & Operational Risk Management in the Marketing, Bank, and Chief Risk Officer organizations before joining Coca-Cola.

She is an experienced leader who trusts, coaches, and builds rapport in order to develop high-performing teams. Dr. Ochoa thrives in environments where she is held accountable for producing high-value, high-quality analytics products.

She is not only skilled at identifying how data can be used to drive automation and efficiency across the enterprise, but she also has knowledge of best practices for change management, source control, and deployment methodologies as they apply to the Agile framework.

When it comes to articulating strategy, concepts, and objectives at all levels, Dr. Ochoa is an excellent orator, writer, and communicator.