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(London, UK) Solidatus, the leader in metadata management software, announces its hire of Lorraine Waters as its first Chief Data Officer. 

Waters joins as a globally-recognized, award-winning industry leader in her field, following various roles within HSBC, spanning Chief Data Officer for Global Compliance, Financial Crime and Regulatory Compliance, Interim Chief Data Officer (US), and Group Head of Data Governance and Deputy Group CDO. Prior to HSBC, she held the roles at a number of global banks and was Global Head of Data Management at RBS.

As CDO of Solidatus, she will be responsible for championing the platform and engagingwith Solidatus’ community of key stakeholders including current and future clients, regulators and strategic partners. She will actively develop the product to meet stakeholder needs, market opportunities, and upcoming challenges. Waters will take the lead in convening a new Solidatus Customer Advisory Board, and will provide support to the business in the areas of data privacy, ESG and financial crime risk management.

During her time at HSBC, Waters spearheaded the successful implementation of Solidatus for data sharing and data privacy, experiencing firsthand the real-world benefits of the tool within a significant GSIB. Lorraine also has unrivalled knowledge of facing data complexity issues head on within a large multinational organization, following her work on the Data Ethics Committee within HSBC and developing the bank’s approach to Data Ethics principles. She has extensive experience working with international regulators, both domestically and across territories including the UK and Europe, North America and Asia. 

Waters started her career in data in 2008 from a background in operations, IT, change management and strategy. She was awarded CDO of the Year 2018[1], Data Management Practitioner of the Year in 2019[2], and was ranked in CDO Magazine’s Global Data Power Women 2020. She has sat on numerous industry forums and advisory boards, including involvement with the EDM Council since its inception. She is a lifelong advocate for inclusion and diversity and takes pride in her work developing female talent in data and beyond.  

Lorraine Waters, CDO, Solidatus comments, “I have felt an affinity with the Solidatus team and the product for a long time, since I first brought it into HSBC. We quickly recognized the platform’s innovative and effective approach to a data sharing and data privacy problem we didn’t believe could ever be fully and efficiently solved. I was blown away by its potential to solve difficult data problems like data lineage for financial crime and traceability for ESG, but also by its simplicity and sheer efficacy, which isn’t an easy task when handling such extensive and sensitive organizational data. The chance to develop such a truly industry-leading solution was one I couldn’t pass up”. 

Philip Miller, Co-CEO of Solidatus,says, “Lorraine is a visionary whose view of the future of data aligns perfectly with ours. Having already dealt with some of the hardest data jobs in the world, she is ideally qualified to help us take the next steps in leading the data management revolution”.

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About Solidatus

Award-winning Solidatus, the leader in metadata management, enables the world’s largest data-rich and regulated organizations to effectively manage their data, people and processes, reducing complexity and risk through transparency, automation and collaboration. We provide organizations with a solution that allows them to fundamentally redesign their organizational data culture and capabilities by enabling the creation of a holistic organization-wide digital map that details all the relationships that interact and impact their data, accelerating modernization and transformation.

 The Solidatus methodology for digitally transforming organizations to be data-centric and lineage-enabled is changing the way organizations manage their data, quickly being adopted by organizations across the globe, including top-tier global financial, pharmaceutical, utility and infrastructure firms and has been implemented by leading consulting and technology firms.