Ravikanth Kasamsetty & Richard Dyke

Ravikanth Kasamsetty & Richard Dyke

Promethium, an AI-driven augmented data management provider, has welcomed two additional members of their executive team, Ravikanth Kasamsetty as VP of Engineering and Richard Dyke as Chief Revenue Officer.

According to Promethium's founder and CEO Kaycee Lai, these new additions support the company's rapid growth that started at launch and is clearly increasing in 2021. "The past year has seen Promethium on a steep trajectory of growth, creating the need for top notch talent on our executive team," said Lai. "Ravikanth and Richard not only fill that need, but also bring the expertise required to continue to fill the tremendous demand for our technology and take Promethium to the next level."

VP of Engineering - Kasamsetty

Ravikanth Kasamsetty carries with him more than twenty years of professional experience in technology, strategy and execution at companies like Oracle, Responsys, Milestone, and Kana. He was an author of ten patents from the fields of management and large, heterogenous data analysis. Kasamsetty also had managed 75+ members across the globe on technical leadership, strategy, and M&A expertise within such areas as Big Data/Analytics, CRM, CX, SaaS, PaaS, AWS/Azure, and AI/ML.

"Promethium is building a unique solution for data and analytics that I haven't seen anywhere else," said Ravikanth.  "To keep powering our innovation, and to support our rapid customer growth, we are building a world class engineering team."

Chief Revenue Officer – Dyke

Richard Dyke has more than 20 years of sales and revenue experience for top tier companies including EMC during its pre-IPO phase, where he joined as the 92nd employee and helped take the company from $66M to $9.6B in revenue.

"Promethium has a highly differentiated approach to data and analytics and a visionary leadership team that has set the company on the path to tremendous growth," said Richard. "Supporting that growth will be an effective go to market team and an approach to help customers drive more value from their data faster than ever before."