Priya Raman

(US and Canada) It was announced, earlier this month, that Priya Raman would be returning to The Coca-Cola Company as Chief Data and Analytics Officer, leaving her role as Chief Data and Intelligence Officer at Microsoft. Priya Raman's career in Data and Analytics has developed over a lifetime of positions at the center of technology growth and the Data and Analytics industry. Priya Raman has worked at GE, HUB International, Nielsen, and even previously at The Coca-Cola Company as Manager of Analytics Strategy. Along with an impressive career, Priya Raman has great experience as a humanitarian, spending time, every year, volunteering at The Northern Illinois Food Bank. This news comes with Coca-Cola's announcement that they will be cutting more than 2,000 jobs as their profits continue to suffer during the pandemic. Hopefully, Priya Raman's appointment can be one step to get this company back on its feet.