Derek Kramer

Derek Kramer, Chief Technology Officer at Archaea Energy

(USA and Canada) New leadership and team members were appointed to be a part of Archaea as they develop to be a publicly-traded company through a business combination with Aria Energy LLC (“Aria”) and Rice Acquisition Corporation (“RAC”).

“To support and advance the company’s growth trajectory as we continue the integration with Aria and transition to becoming a publicly-traded company, I am pleased to welcome Chad, Derek, Lindsay, Campbell, and Megan to leadership positions within our team,” said Nick Stork, co-founder and CEO of Archaea. “We continue to attract top-level talent and this group is a great example of that. We truly believe that the talent and experience level of our team is unrivaled in the space.”

Derek Kramer will be responsible for Archaea’s internal and external technology strategy and operations. Mr. Kramer has extensive executive experience implementing innovative programs and platforms to leverage data and technology to drive business performance and optimization, both as a consultant and in-house for a variety of organizations, including large publicly-traded companies such as American Electric Power and Pacific Gas & Electric.

About Archaea Energy LLC

Archaea Energy LLC is an emerging leader in developing renewable natural gas from high-carbon emission processes and industries by capturing recurring emissions from food waste, wastewater, agricultural waste and landfill gas. Archaea builds, operates and manages RNG projects throughout the entire energy life cycle and offers off-take partners the opportunity to purchase RNG from its portfolio of projects under long-term agreements. Archaea delivers pipeline-quality RNG from coast to coast using existing natural gas infrastructure.

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