Raj Nimmagadda

Raj Nimmagadda, Global Head R&D Data Office (AVP), Digital Data Sciences, R&D at Sanofi

(US and Canada) We are pleased to announce that Raj Nimmagadda have joined the CDO Magazine Editorial Board.

Raj is currently the Global Head R&D Data Office (AVP), Digital Data Sciences, R&D at Sanofi. She has 19+ years of experience in business and strategic planning, operations, process engineering, technology solutions delivery and building high performing teams. As a part of CDO Magazine's 2021 Pharmaceutical List, Raj has a proven knowledge of drug research and development processes joined with expertise in strategic and tactical analysis, technology platforms, solution delivery, system support, resourcing models, budget forecasting models, Data Sciences, clinical data management and reporting, clinical data standards, clinical trial operations, outsourcing, system validation and risk management, data strategy and governance.

The CDO Magazine welcomes Raj as she joins our growing data community.