VIDEO | University of Toronto Data Science Director: We're Going To Need Data Analytics Forever

VIDEO | University of Toronto Data Science Director: We're Going To Need Data Analytics Forever

(US and Canada) Pascal Tyrrell, Director of Data Science, University of Toronto, speaks with Robert Lutton, Vice President, Sandhill Consultants, and Editorial Board Chair CDO Magazine, in a video interview about his role at the university, data analytics application, and the future of analytics in the medical field.

Tyrrell is part of the faculty of medicine in the Department of Medical Imaging. He primarily deals with medical imaging used for research at the seven hospitals at the University of Toronto. He notes that research is a priority at the university, and data analytics is the process that moves the flow of data from information to knowledge and then to wisdom.

According to Tyrrell, it’s challenging to leverage discoveries in medicine and apply them to improve patient outcomes. He reveals that the university is building an evidence pyramid to implement new ways to treat patients. He explains that data analytics is required to create the pyramid’s foundation as close to the truth as possible.

Speaking about the future of data analytics within the medical field, Tyrrell says that the world is in a data age and will stay in it for a long time. He acknowledges that medicine needs to catch up with business in using data. Elaborating further, he says that the goal is to improve patient outcomes and leverage data to run a more efficient hospital or clinical setting.

It is also about making good use of budgets to treat more patients and treat them more effectively. In conclusion, Tyrrell stresses that the world will need data analytics forever — and more of it.

CDO Magazine appreciates Pascal Tyrrell for sharing his insights and data success stories with our global community.

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