(US and Canada) Drew Smith, VP, Global Data and Analytics, Little Caesar Enterprises and Ilitch Companies speaks with David Yehle, VP, Global Sales and Field Operations, Acceldata, about the integration of data with business, and strategy decisions to better manage various aspects such as deciding the menu and foreseeing restaurant traffic.

Smith joined Little Caesars and Ilitch holdings in October 2021 from the International Institute for Analytics. Prior to that, he was engaged with Ikea, the Swedish furniture retailer. 

Talking about the critical traits a CDO or Chief Data and Analytics Officer should possess, Smith explains that while the ‘chief’ title is important, it's primarily about taking responsibility and accountability for the strategic direction of the data and analytics in a company. 

Regarding his role at his current organization, he says that his prime job is to help leaders make better business decisions and connect the data to strategy — in other words, to make decisions more quickly and with confidence. He maintains that the CDO’s  responsibility is not to let data take charge of the decision-making but to help experienced business leaders enhance their decisions with support from the data.