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VIDEO | ZL Technologies CEO: Metadata Is Great for Cost and Exposure Reduction

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(US and Canada) ZL Technologies CEO Kon Leong speaks with Ben Beshear, LiveWell Capital CEO and Northwestern Mutual Private Wealth Advisor, in a video interview about emerging metadata use cases, the future of enterprise metadata management, and the Manage-In-Place solution.

Leong says that metadata plays a tremendous role and is very good for cost and exposure reduction. He highlights the following reasons:

  • Vastly reduces storage.
  • Reduces administrative overhead.
  • Reduces nonstructured data.
  • Reduces exposure to legal and compliance rules

Leong elaborates that metadata can be very light and also very heavy. Whether light, medium or heavy depends on what needs to be extracted. He adds that metadata can improve analytics performance.

When asked why enterprise metadata management is often overlooked, Leong explains that enterprises confuse light and heavy metadata management. He points out that light metadata management is valuable and low-cost but has limited use. A heavy version of metadata, however, still offers many cost-reduction benefits.

Sharing his views on the future of enterprise metadata management, Leong foresees convergence of:

  • Metadata and the original document or original content.
  • Various aspects of unstructured management, such as governance for e-discovery, records management, and privacy.
  • Analytics and governance.
  • The unstructured universe with the structured universe.

Leong adds that decision-makers will have all the information in a given organization at their fingertips.

Leong also highlights ZL Technologies’ Manage-In-Place solution, noting that it was driven by suggestions from big enterprise users. He points out that meeting SEC requirements or health care regulations restricts data to just the regulated users. They identified the need to deliver the benefits of the archive without the archive leading to management-in-place.

CDO Magazine thanks Kon Leong for contributing his thought leadership to our global community.

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