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VIDEO | Northwestern Mutual, CDO: Data Problems Across Industries Aren't the Same

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(US and Canada) Don Vu, Chief Data Officer, Northwestern Mutual, speaks with Cheryl Rodenfels, Chief Technology Officer, Field Stratascale – SHI Company, about AI application in business and his role in the organization's transformation journey.

Having worked in multiple industries such as media, sports, real estate, insurance, and wealth management, Vu says that data problems aren't always the same across industries but tend to “rhyme.”

Some key AI-driven areas at Northwestern Mutual include underwriting, guiding financial advisors, leveraging predictive customer lifetime, leads scoring, and financial planning simulation.

Vu says AI can facilitate improvements in operations and drive incremental value. The goal is to exceed human performance, but automating the underwriting process was a major challenge. He adds there is a fair amount of change management involved. The key to success is bringing business partners along.

Vu is tasked with improving the strategic framing to ensure individual and episodic efforts compliment each other like a network. It must be done so that predictive models work together, build on themselves, and lead to holistic results.