(US and Canada) Baz Khuti, US President of Modak, speaks with Das Dasgupta, Chief Data & Analytics Officer of Saatchi & Saatchi, about the impact of data and analytics on society, the environment, and the globe at large. Dasgupta goes on to describe the usage of data and analytics in our everyday lives, using Netflix and Amazon as examples, and how, with the aid of data and analytics, these ecommerce and entertainment apps are able to provide more relevant and meaningful experiences for customers in general.

He explores humanity's existential concern that robots could take over one day, and how, from a time-frame viewpoint, he believes that such a level of control will not be attainable in our lifetimes. He emphasizes the checks and balances, policies, governance, self-educating models, and modules that must be put in place to protect ourselves from being caught up in a robotic world, and how he believes this is where the identity issue comes in, whether we are on the grid, outside the grid, or the entire matrix ecosystem.

Dasgupta explains how the DMAIC approach, which the manufacturing industry's Six Sigma brought into the scene, can protect us. It all starts with defining the problem, then measuring it, evaluating it, improving it, and finally controlling it. He refers to it as a virtual cycle that continues to run and will assist in moving toward the proper goals over time.